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17th January 2018
3:45 pm

17th January 2018
5:15 pm

Ladywood Teaching School Training Room (LW1)

£10 per delegate applicable to Bolton Schools only.£25 per delegate for schools outside of Bolton LA or all other organisations.

Primary and Secondary



    Continuing Professiona Development (CPD)

The Quiet Child

This programme provides an introduction to the profile of a quiet child. During the session delegates will be introduced to the differences between selective mutism, reluctant communicators and shy / quiet children. The session will highlight the impact that shyness and quietness can have on the progress of children. The delegates will be introduced to appropriate strategies to help support quiet children in their learning and social environment so that they feel more comfortable and become more confident in their communication and learning.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Recognise the range of terminology associated with Selective Mutism, Reluctant Communicators and Quiet Children.
  • Have an awareness of the impact on academic and social learning that can be experienced by quiet children.
  • Know how to recognise the difference between quiet children and other communication / learning difficulties.
  • Be aware of strategies to meet the academic and social needs of quiet children so they can become more confident communicators.

Target Audience: SENCOs / Teachers / Teaching

17th January 2018      3.45 – 5.15