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08th November 2017
9:00 am

08th November 2017
3:30 pm

Bolton Science & Technology Centre
Minerva Road


Teaching assistant, Teacher, Middle Leader

KS1 + KS2



    Teaching & Learning
  • Curriculum Primary & Secondary


  • Teaching and Learning

Writing Editing/Redrafting

This Professional Development course is intended for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and English Subject Leads working in Year 2 to Year 6

(Please note this training is a repeat from 17 November 2016)

Date:    8th November 2017

Time:  9.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Venue: Bolton Science and Technology Centre, Minerva Road, Bolton, BL4 0HA

Provided by: Andy Taylor, Fischer Family Trust, Literacy.

Andy Taylor is the Training and Development Manager of FFT Literacy, who has worked with many Bolton teachers and schools over the past few years, most notably introducing many schools to reciprocal reading.

This course focuses on an area of practice that the Educational Endowment Fund has identified as hugely significant to children’s learning. The training involves:

  • Feedback in general / research/ characteristics of good feedback/ kind, helpful, specific ‘mantra’
  • Feedback in general classwork, some approaches to try
  • Feedback programmes – DIRT time/ Write Away Together
  • Editing and Drafting: Editing activities – what to edit/ how to do it/ (5 minute flick, gritty editing)
  • Redrafting – ways of approaching, what to redraft/ a whole class technique for redrafting (TREx approach)
  • Review and next steps

Fischer Education Projects, part of the Fischer Family Trust (FFT), are literacy and intervention specialists. Andy Taylor, who will lead the training, has worked closely with us in Bolton over the last two years delivering high quality CPD.  He was a Senior Adviser for primary literacy with the National Strategy and worked closely with colleagues in Bolton as part of the Every Child a Writer programme.  He is now the Training and Development Manager of Fischer Education Projects Ltd.